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Performance Tracking Platform

India’s fatest growing Performance Tracking Platform for mobile and web campaigns which is user friendly , suitable for all types of clients like start-up, expert pocket. Clicks9 solution is specifically designed to simplify affiliate tracking of any kind, be it mobile or web-based campaigns i.e. online e-commerce, gaming, compulsive business with all advance features like Geo Targeting, Fraud detection, Junk & Bots Traffic Controller. If you're building a business that connects Advertiser and Publisher, you can use our Clicks9 Platform to manage your campaigns.

50+ Happy Customers

Fastest Growing SaaS Platform with Global reach to 100+ Clients across 10+ Countries.

24/7 Day & Night Support

Always available Dedicated and onBoarding Support to meet requirements.

50+ API Integration

Granting prompt integration with various advertisers to initiate the process of pulling offers in just a few steps.

Why Clicks9

If you are looking for an alternative to a cheapest and reliable tracking platform that is less expensive, you can try Clicks9 Ad Server. We have extended our functionality and now offer a universal account that allows affiliate tracking.
With Clicks9 Ad Server you get full access to hundreds of exclusive offers from reputable brands, decide on what offers are available to each particular affiliate, manage roles and permission, and control what dashboards your affiliates can access.

Our Features

Budget Control

It's easy to keep your budget under check with daily and monthly Caps.

Affiliate Interface

Ultimate Affiliate Dashboard UI with fast and prompt reporting & quick offer setup.

Multi Currency Payout

We support multiple currencies for revenue and payout of campaigns from advertisers to publishers.

Infinite Scalibility

Any number of impressions clicks you are dealing with, No worries about infrastructure, We are able to handle billions of events every day.

Country Targetting

No worries about misleading traffic, We are able to handle country targetting.

Junk & Bots Traffic Controller

We have facility to filter junk and bots traffic.

API Integration

You can easily integrate Advertiser/publisher API in few simple steps and run campaigns hassle-free.

Real Time Reports

Real-time reporting helps you to monitor the performance of your campaigns, which helps to grow your business with low investments. The reporting is Realtime and numbers are recorded as the events happen in Realtime.

Postback Configuration

You can integrate the postback of any third party you are integrated with any Advertiser/Publisher.

Affiliate Referral

If one Affiliate can bring more Affiliates on our platform, will give reward as fixed price or other benefits.

30 Days Free Trial

Free Trial
By signing up, you will get 30 Days free trial. You won't be charged until the trial period ends, don't let this offer pass out of your eyes.

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